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Business Advisory Services


We are aware that things change quickly in the business world, and the need to speak to expert advisers at a moments notice is imperative. Our business services team are available to you when you need them most, and they concentrate on providing objective, targeted advice on all matters including taxation, accounting, cashflow and budgeting, business planning, business valuations. 我们为您提供及时、专业的商务咨询服务,我们的专业团队能为客户提供税务,会计,现金流和预算,企业策划,企业估值等多方面的具有针对性的商务处理建议。

Corporate Advisory


Our specialist teams will work with you to provide business valuations, assist with the sale of businesses and provide advice on capital raising and restructuring. 我们的专家团队将与您合作,提供业务估值、协助销售建议,并提供融资和重组建议。

Corporate Secretarial


David Chen & Associates prides itself on its Corporate Secretarial Services expertise, providing a complete range of corporate secretarial and support services for all types of organisations, large and small. 我们为所有类型的大中小型企业提供公司文件服务,以我们的专业知识,为您提供完整的机构文件体系.



We have access to finance providers combined with the convenience of mobile lenders who can tailor a finance package to your needs, makes borrowing a rewarding experience. 我们以您的需求为本,制定最优的财务融资方案,保证您的融资物有所值。



We have been working with numerous registered migration agents for clients who are applying for 892 & 188 visa, the financial accounts/records we produce are at the highest quality and strictly follows the accounting standards in conjunction with immigration requirements. 我们一直在与众多注册移民代理合作,为商业移民签证的客户管理财务账目,我们提供最高质量的财务记录,并严格遵循移民要求和会计准则。

Management Consulting - Strategy and Planning


Strategic Management Consulting improves the performance of our clients’ businesses . We add value by helping businesses to formulate a clear vision, identify sustainable competitive advantage, and develop and implement their strategic plan. 我们提供战略管理咨询以改善客户的业务绩效。我们通过帮助企业制定一个清晰的增值愿景,找出其可持续的竞争优势,并制定和实施企业的战略计划。

Superannuation Consulting


The Superannuation Consulting service handles a diverse range of enquiries ranging from tax planning for superannuation funds to consulting on the issues to be considered when establishing a complying superannuation fund. 我们提供养老金咨询服务,从纳税筹划的角度分析建立养老基金时要考虑的多种因素。

Taxation Consulting


We offer a broad range of tax advice including corporate tax, international transfer pricing, personal tax effectiveness and indirect taxation including, payroll tax, research and development and GST. We produce a range of publications designed to keep you up to date with the latest tax changes and how they will affect you. We are more than just accountants. Our scope ranges from insolvency, family business, forensic accounting, franchising, and fraud deterrence through to corporate finance. 我们提供广泛的税务咨询,包括企业所得税,国际转让定价,个人纳税和间接税(包括工资税,研发和消费税)咨询等。我们不仅仅是会计,我们的业务范围还包括提供针对家族企业、法务会计,特许经营和企业融资债务等问题的解决方案。我们还会为您讲解最新的税务变化以及对您的影响。